The Jedi Council

The five principle administrators (the Jedi Council) are:

Kelsey D Atherton: Kelsey is a Tulane graduate, who frequently writes on the future of war as simulated in games and observed through drones. He covers military technology for Popular Science, and his daily thoughts are available in 140 character form.

Crispin Burke: US Army, who can be found on twitter and at Wings over Iraq.

Adam Elkus: Adam is  strategy blogging wunderkind, who writes smart things in many places. It is easiest to find his latest writings via twitter.

Brett A. Friedman: Brett is an active duty artillery officer in the United States Marine Corps and an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran. He blogs on the Marine Corps at the Marine Corps Gazette blog. In his spare time, he writes science fiction, as practice for serious writing. His first novel, “Awakening (Afterlife)” is available on Kindle. He tweets at @brettfriedman.

Caitlin Fitz Gerald: Caitlin Fitzgerald is best known for her playground-set Prussian tactics translation “Clausewitz for Kids.” She is also part of the core Gunpowder & Lead team, is a key architect of Twitter Fight Club, and tweets at @caidid.

  1. It’s good to see recent Tulane grad being creative!

    Steven Jaume, Geology ’84

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  3. crhylove says:

    Kelsey Atherton. You wrote this article. I’d love to give you an interview on how it turned out. Thanks for the press anyway!


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