Charlie Kenobi’s War

Posted: October 28, 2012 by Crispin Burke in Uncategorized

Episode 5.02: “A War on Two Fronts”

Lesson: “Aiding an insurgency is not counter-insurgency.  Rather, that’s counter-counterinsurgency

Our story arc begins with a request for assistance from insurgents on Onderron, who are currently battling to overthrow a pro-Separatist puppet dictator, a predicament which mirrors absolutely no real-life situation whatsoever.  Anakin Skywalker pleads with the Jedi Council to intervene–thousands of worlds contain freedom fighters who simply need advisors to overthrow their Separatist-aligned masters.

Meanwhile, Obi-Wan Kenobi, ever the strategist, urges caution and restraint, lest the Republic be seen as supporting terrorism.  Plus, the Separatist-backed king is a legitimate leader; overthrowing him would lead to “dangerous possibilities”.  Silly little details like this never stopped the CIA, but I guess we need to move the plot along somehow.

Anakin convinces the council that Jedi advisors could link up with the insurgents to give them training and non-lethal arms for use against the Separatist drones.   The Jedi Council agrees, noting that foriegn advisory missions could be a “great new weapon for us”.

The Jedi, scrapped for resources, try to sell foreign advisory missions at the next AUSA Convention, lest the Republic Navy get that 300-Star Destroyer fleet they’re always asking for.

Episode 5.03, “Front Runners”

Lesson: “This is indicative of an insurgency is in its death throes”

Obi-Wan, Anakin, Ahsoka Tano, and Clone Trooper Rex link up with the insurgents.  After a brief training session, the insurgents infiltrate the city of Iziz, where they wage an urban guerrilla campaign against isolated droid patrols.  The insurgents plan to stage a high-profile attack on a large power station, located within a droid bastion in the middle of the city to demonstrate their new-found strength.  Which is silly, because everyone knows that spectacular attacks on huge bastions are really indicative of weakening insurgencies!

I think we need to re-adjust our success metrics…

Following the battle, Count Dooku promises to surge the number of droid troops on Onderron, placing them under the command of a new general.  After all, Dooku’s been looking for a new general ever since the previous tactical droid made some outlandish comments in Rolling Droid magazine.

Episode 5.03 “The Soft War”

Lesson:  “Sometimes there aren’t any snarky COIN comments to come out of a Clone Wars Episode.  This is one of them”.

Episode 5.04, “Tipping Points”

Lesson: “You know, maybe the CIA was right after all”

Population-centric COIN be damned, the Separatist droids embark to smash the main insurgent base.  Because all insurgent movement have one main, smashable base, and doing so crushes the entire insurgency.  To do so, the droid armies unleash massive, missile armed gunships, which wreak havoc on the insurgents.  Receiving a call for help, Anakin and Obi-Wan mull how best to aid the failing insurgency.  What would you do if giant floating gunships rained down death from the sky on your proxy insurgency?

In an allegory to absolutely no event in living memory, Anakin and Obi-Wan conspire with shady arms dealer Hondo Ohnaka to illegally provide the insurgents with shoulder-fired guided missiles which possess the ability to destroy giant missile-firing gunships.

Thanks to the timely arrival of MANPADS, the rebellion is saved, and the insurgents go on to govern the planet in a completely just manner, without giving rise to any sort of dictatorial rule or becoming a haven for terrorism.

Well, until Episode 5.05 comes out, I guess…

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